Launched: September 30 2022



Our project consists of a collection of 10000 souls , there are different kinds of races:
human, zombie, ghoul, ogre and ghost.

There are about 250 different traits and 10 unique NFTs.

What we want to create is a brand of simple nfts ... digital art for collectors and we don't have any program regarding metaverse or games or anything useless .... jpsouls is art and we would like to be seen as artists.


12th century Japan. A portal has appeared in the sky, something sinister is about to happen, something is leaking out of it but no one understands what it is...the people of the villages gather and point their fingers in fear, "What is happening?" Similar to clouds they stir, descend to the ground and disappear into it and shortly after, the earth moves. What! Bodies are re-emerging from their pits, death is returning to life.

"They are souls! the souls of the dead! the prophecy was true!" cries an old drunkard.... "They are looking for the bodies that once belonged to them...the dead are rising and will come to avenge our sins." More than 1,000 years later, what seemed only a distant legend has turned out to be reality-the portal has been reopened.....

Simple peasants now dead for centuries and citizens of our times, but also old heroes and legends, eerie specters and samurai who can control the elements are returning from beyond the grave to punish the greed of men...