Launched: February 02 2023



The Wheel turns in IMBOLC, the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The fire festival, celebrates the wholeness of the Triple Goddess as The Maiden raises and completes her three aspects.


Samhain welcomed The Crone, Yule awaken The Mother and Imbolc raises The Maiden.

The 3 limited editions of The Maiden include a high resolution photography sign by Bruja including the edition number.

In tribute to the Goddess, IMBOLC is celebrated with rituals including burning lamps and lighting bonfires.

The Blessing includes a photo-animation, with frequency activation and an offering by Bruja:

"Grateful for our good fortune, for the fire that cooks our food and keeps us warm. We protect the spark of passion in the poets and in fighters of freedom. May all who hear the calling rise in IMBOLC."

IMBOLC is the perfect time for initiations focusing on spiritual purification, cleansing one's body, thoughts and emotions. It encourages personal reflection, planting your seeds for the year to come, and honoring the beauty in being. The Goddess welcomes Spring and blessings for new beginnings.

The Candle inspires action in stillness:

Breathe in, Breathe out, Light up a Candle and set your intention.

You are a divine force of the universe, right here, right now.