Launched: March 28 2022

Illusion Phantom


The Illusion Phantom comunity (Phantomunity) are trying to transform the NFT metaspace through our unique haunted universe and we are dedicated full-time on this project and on our community. Everything of value is worth waiting for. In this long-term project , our NFT universe is involved making it spooky , paranormal, fun, and we will keep enhancing and developing, through iterative improvements along the way.


Illsuion Phantoms is an NTF art collection that features a total of 1,050 ghosts on the Elrond blockchain. The 1,050 are divided into three categories:

-Ectoplasm Power
-33% common
-66% rare
-100% legendary

All of these ghost are handcrafted by an artist in 20-30 minutes rather than being generated by an A.I. The ghosts appear at random, and the only way to find out what type of ghost is about to spawn is by joining the discord server.Our first sales will be at 0.40EGLD.

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