Launched: January 05 2022

Hypatia Games


An asset backed token with playable NFTs with features like
*Blockchain Games
*Bi-monthly tournament
*Quarterly Global tournaments

Buyers of these very first NFTs will enjoy free VIP access in-game and will enjoy 40% of their purchase in our token as royalties.


Hypatia Games is one of first ever video game project that is bringing tokenisation of in-game assets for owners to have complete and total control over assets unlike other games that own and control even what gamers have purchased with their own cash.
We are bringing a whole new gaming ecosystem that makes it easier to acquire and sell in-game properties with ease.
We'll have our tokens that will be the main in-game currencies, namely; Hypatia Token and Super-High Token.
Though Hypatia Token is the main and governance Token of our ecosystem while Super-High Token is our utility token of our DEX that will be launched.
First batches of our NFTs are available on opensea for purchase and they're fully upgraded which means buying them helps you skip upgrades when our game launches.