Launched: January 10 2023

Hedera Bot Face


Hedera Bot Face, a popular virtual world focusing on community building and interactivity, is set to launch on 10th January 2023. The launchpad for the revolutionary project is yet to be announced.


1200 NFTs grant you access to Bot Face Metaverse Club, a community focused virtual world with more than fifty pre- configured virtual spaces. Create your 3d avatar and start roaming around, interact with friends or even organize virtual events.

Bot Face Club is a community focused virtual world with pre- configured virtual spaces where people can interact with friends or family members.

Users can select any of our virtual space according to their need like a official party or get together or any social events. Most of the necessary environment items like furniture etc are available but users can also pick items from our marketplace or even upload their own.

Our Asset Marketplace is actually an extension of Bot Face Club, where Bot Face NFT holders will get the priority to to create their NFT assets for Bot Face Club and sell.

Assets (furnitures, tech gadgets, interior design elements) are usable in Bot Face Club Virtual Spaces and can be purchased from Marketplace.