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Launched: March 28 2023

Hanna-Barbera Digital Collectibles by Funko


Get ready to add some retro charm to your collections as Funko is bringing classic Hanna-Barbera characters to the realm as Digital Pop NFTs. 


From Huckleberry Hound to Mr. Jinks and Mighty Mightor, these animated icons from the late 50s and early 2000s will be available on the Droppp marketplace starting March 28th.

The Hanna-Barbera's Funko Digital Pop series will come in two tiers – Standard and Premium. Standard packs, including 5 Digital Pops will sell for $9.99, while Premium packs with 15 Digital Pops inside will cost $29.99. Each category is limited to 18,250 packs.

Each pack purchased from the collection allows buyers to reveal one of the rare Funko Digital Pop. Besides, as it usually goes with all Funko NFT collectibles, all minters will have a chance to redeem their digital items for one of five limited-edition physical collectibles. Mighty Mightor, Birdman, Mr. Jinks with Pixie and Dixie, Huckleberry Hound, and Freddy Funko are among the figures that will be available for grabs.

Set up reminders for March 28th and don’t miss being a part of the Hanna-Barbera adventure!