Launched: August 16 2022

Half Hiding


HALFHIDING is a "DAO" community. Hope to release everyone's inner world in Web3.0. Inspired by oriental mysterious elements, each NFT has its unique soul, both halves of yin and yang, hiding qi in the body


We do not simply want to pass on traditional oriental culture, but also pay more attention to combining the energy of web3.0 and oriental philosophy to permeate all aspects of human nature, social interaction, and life.

It is worth mentioning that Halfhiding will open up a larger and more magnificent new world of web3.0 social networking.
Welcome to Halfhiding, Halfhiding will bring you good luck.

Design concept of the PFP
the cultural diseemintion needs to fuse and maintain the charachteristic of its own, so we invite the designer from all over the world to work together for our project.core: the oriental metaphysic is the core and there will be 3 parts.