Launched: May 04 2022

Guardian MFers


Guardian Mfers are ready to report for duty! Consisting of 5 factions; Apes, Droids, Aliens, Zombies and Human Mfers that have traveled through time and armed themselves with whatever they can get their mfing hands on! After finding themselves in the modern world they must fight to earn their place on the Ethereum Blockchain.


(Hand Drawn Art) *Our goal is to create a community that will be a positive and profitable experience for newcomers to the NFT space as well as our veterans in the community.

MINT:0.025 - ERC721A Contract (up to 20 mints)
*We will be donating a percentage of our Mint fund to support Ukraine.
Our donation to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will provide:
*Shelter, food, and clean water for refugees
*Health and psychosocial support
*Access to education and economic assistance
And more