Launched: March 15 2023

Genesis 3333


The Collection 3333 Genesis project is part of the DarkadeNFT ecosystem, which includes a gaming platform, Crafting Chronicles, and the 3333 Genesis NFT collection.


The collection features 3333 procedurally generated, hand-drawn NFTs that each have their own story and unique characteristics. Users can use these NFTs in Crafting Chronicles to unleash their creativity and generate countless characters, obtaining incredible rewards. These NFTs can also be traded, bought, and sold within the Crafting Chronicles  marketplace and on OpenSea.

The team at DarkadeNFT is committed to building a vibrant community through games, events, and contests, and to reward users who actively participate in the project.

The 3333 Genesis collection is an exclusive opportunity for users and investors to be a part of the DarkadeNFT universe and receive important bonuses, rewards and permanent benefits.