Launched: May 12 2024, 16:00 UTC

Frogs on Gamble


777 unique, fun, algorithmically generated Frogs on Gamble - stored on the Solana blockchain with proof of ownership. 80% of revenue goes to HODL users.


Welcome to Gamble, where 777 unique, fun, and algorithmically generated frogs await you!

These frogs are not just beautiful collectibles; they are also integrated into our project's tokenomics.

Key Features of Our Project:
Unique Frogs: Each frog is algorithmically generated with a random set of traits and rarity levels, making each one unique and special.
Fun and Interactive: Play various games with your frogs, interact with other collectors, and enjoy other benefits offered by the Gamble ecosystem.
Solana Blockchain: Our frogs are stored on the Solana blockchain, which offers fast and secure transactions. This ensures that your NFTs are always safe and accessible.
Proof of Ownership: Each frog is represented by a unique NFT with proof of ownership. This proves that your frogs belong to you and you can use them as you wish.
HODL Rewards: 80% of our project's revenue will be distributed to users who HODL their frogs. This aims to reward those who contribute to our project and encourage the growth of the Gamble ecosystem.

What Gamble NFTs Offer You:
Own a unique and fun collectible
Enjoy the games and benefits offered by the Gamble ecosystem
Benefit from the fast and secure transactions offered by the Solana blockchain
Earn passive income by HODLing your frogs
Be part of a growing and evolving community