Launched: March 19 2022



FOUREYEZ Collective presents: FOUREYEZ Facez!
A bright and colorful PFP project that embodies the art of cut and paste collage.
After this project sells out, fifty percent of royalties will be raffled off weekly to holders in Matic!


FOUREYEZ Collective presents - Facez!

A generative PFP project of 10,000 pieces that embodies the spirit of collage art! Enjoy the unique and colorful layers as you buy, sell, and trade! Some properties are rarer than others!

After the collection is completely sold out, 50% of the creator royalties will be raffled off weekly to one lucky holder! If your number is drawn, you will be transferred Matic (on the Polygon Mainnet)

If you are also a holder of FOUREYEZ: FRAMEZ you can choose to take 50% matic royalties as prize before FACEZ fully mints if you win the holders draw.

As we mint, Matic + Merch giveaways will be added and drawn out to Holders!

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