Launched: March 01 2022



We are an Ethereum layer 2 solution wallet protocol offering cash accounts to clients directly on the blockchain. Through our DApp, they can do top-ups via crypto or bank wire, and send and receive money to peers in the Fiat24 ecosystem.


A Web3-ready banking ecosystem that is FINMA regulated, Fiat24 bridges the gap between centralised and decentralised systems, with our own metaverse in which businesses and private clients alike can buy land to gain visibility. We are designed for both retail users and merchant clients who can experience next generation payments with hassle-free and real-time blockchain payments.

Clients gain full control of their assets and enjoy a multi-currency cash account with innovative technologies, built with Swiss quality. Accounts can easily be topped-up by peers, bankwires, and crypto-to-fiat conversion, all made possible by the use of our NFT identity token. Our NFT enables clients to access all of our services via their preferred digital wallet. With us, passwords and SMS codes are a thing of the past!

Go further and acquire valuable land in our Metaverse, which allows to own a premium account number to build brand awareness. Fiat24 invites you to begin your journey in a new financial universe, empowering you through ownership and control, all made possible by the power of the Ethereum blockchain.