Upcoming: July 01 2023

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Etheroom is a gallery multiverse, where creators and collectors are able to instantly promote their work in an elegant way… Owners of Etherooms can visit etheroom.io to exhibit their NFTs in their personal 3d spaces.


We provide access to our services via etheroom-NFTs in the Ethereum Blockchain. You can navigate our website and discover other creators’ exhibitions, create your own or make a visit to our public Museum to reserve a frame spot and “hang” your wall-art NFTs.

Our project is powered by the Unity Engine, which allows users to navigate into our unique 3d spaces.

Blockchain technology has become an ideal way for artists to produce their works of art and make transactions with their audience. Our vision is to develop a collection of rooms allowing users to explore the connection between architecture and art in a way that would not be possible physically.

Etheroom was designed to reestablish the way artists and art collectors display their artwork, while at the same time give public access to art enthusiasts all over the world to experience art in new and revolutionary ways that are borderless -without the limitations of physical space.