Launched: October 23 2021

Etherbat Trading Cards



EtherBats is a trading card game set on the MATIC PolygonChain in a world called Etheria each card has its own unique story and traits

Hand Done Digital Art & NFTs
by: NFTripZone

The Next Level in Trading Cards this Collection will have a Gamefi and physical cards tied to a corporate entity and brand. More Cards Coming Soon!


EtherbatTradingCards Incorporated is a Entertainment/Brand Company
we specialize in Digital Art & NFTs,Apperal and More.

Owned & Operated by NFTtripZone

EtherbatTradingCards will have physical card game and Online Gamefi where players play for wagered matches against Eachother

Winner take all Games and high stake Tournaments!

Early Owners have a HUGE advantage so get your cards today ♡

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