Launched: May 04 2023

Dog Eat Dog World


Dog Eat Dog World is dropping April 27th, 2023!

  • 4444 collection size.
  • WL will begin mint at 8pm UTC (.006) [Not over-allocated]
  • Public mint begins 10pm UTC (.009)


About the Collection:

"Dog Eat Dog World" is used to describe a situation in which people will do anything to be successful, even if what they do harms other people. It's unfortunate but being in web3/crypto space, we have all been harmed in one form or another in order for another to have success (i.e. rug pulls, phishing attacks, centralized exchanges taking off with your money).

Our mission is to create a community that acts as a safe haven for members, develop a tight knit community of likeminded individulas to make sure each Dog is very knowledgaable and up to date with what's going on in this space. Dogs are the most loyal creatures to set foot on this planet and we want to keep that in tact as all Dogs will look out for one another. Those Dogs that are actively looking out for their fellow dogs will be rewarded $$! We are early in this space and we want every Dog to EAT and to be successful in this space!