Launched: March 29 2023

Deja Reve


Déjà Rêvé explores our daily fragmentation between reality and simulation and the identity crisis that arises from it. Déjà Rêvé, which translates to “already dreamed,” is the moment when dreams and realities fuse. This collection urges the viewer to look inward and preserve their true soul essence as humanity rapidly changes alongside its many machines.


As an artist working with AI image generation, Shakti Dreams sees herself less as an artist and more as an alchemist using a new medium, a medium that has activated the collective creative voice of our society and opened the possibilities of art beyond human capability. In this way, these works were not “made” by her but by all of us. 

The series of 10 artworks, released over two drops visualize a slow awakening from isolation in tech absorption to the edge of awakening, a representation of the inner work that one must undergo before one’s self-realization blooms into the world. 
There is beauty in the return to the self, after soul synchronization. It is what we begin with and what is left when there is nothing else.