Launched: September 15 2022



Davitar is an NFT artwork collection composed of a supply of 915 tokens
created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is divided into 897 non-rare
Davitars and 15 rare ones.

The non-rare Davitars will be male or female avatars. These avatars will
have seven properties that will randomly change. Each of these
properties will have up to 11 different possibilities.

The 15 rare Davitars available will have unique stories related to their
avatar. Their particular designs will revolve around the crypto world. The
Davincij15 avatar existing in the collection will be of his exclusive

There are also four Crypto Ghost Rider avatars available only
for Davitar's development team.


Davitar is the first NFT project created by Davinci Jeremie, a renowned
figure in the crypto world. He's better known by his Youtube channel
name: Davincij15. Davitar is an artwork collection of 915 NFTs, and its
size represents Davinci's birthday: September 15th.

Being a software developer, Davinci created this collection to understand
and familiarize himself with the NFT world. He realized it wasn't enough to
just read about this universe; he acknowledged the importance of creating
a Non-Fungible Token himself.

Davitar is his first NFT venture, and it's a symbolic drop. It's his inaugural
project in the NFT world, and that's why the collection only has an
exclusive supply of 915 Davitars.

There's a Whitelist available for those who promote Davitar. The spots will
be picked from Davitar's official social media. Additionally, our collection
will have rewards for some lucky holders, such as DJ15 token airdrops
and a meeting with Davinci Jeremie himself.

For more information about Davitar, you can visit our website, follow us
on Twitter and join the Discord community to check on the latest news.

Discord channel:

Weekly updates and more information can be found on the timeline on
Davitar's website.