Launched: August 28 2022, 13:59 UTC



By Aphrodia Labs.
CryptoPunk76 is a Collection of 10000 NFTs, uniques digilal collectibles living on the Polygon Blockchain.
Each CP76 is unique and randomly generated to 140 differents traits.
They are created as ERC-721 Tokens on the Polygon Blockchain and hosted on IPFS.
Flat distribution, all CP76 cost 4 Matic (3 USDT) with Minting Dapp.
Aphrodia Labs uses Polygon Network, as it gives the same security guarantees as Ethereum, but it is faster, environmental friendly and less expensive for everyone.


Preface - The history of punk culture sees punk originating in America and Britain at about the same time in the mid-1970s. As with many subcultures, the punk movement began among teens and young adults rebelling against the political and social norms established by previous generations.

Chapter 1 - Launch of the collection of 10.000 NFTs, with Minting Dapp;

Chapter 2 - At 40% will purchase land in the Sandbox Metaverse;

Chapter 3 - At 60% the CryptoPunk76 Club will be built in the land;

Chapter 4 - At 80% CryptoPunk76 clothes and accessories will be created, which can be purchased in the Club;

Chapter 5 - At the 100% they will start interacting in the Metaverse.... what can appen?....