Launched: March 24 2023

Confused Clown


The confused clown represents a human being who is like a puzzle and is put back together again, he has many secrets and sorrows in his colorful world and expects a bright future.


Like all clowns, behind his smiling mask, he has a heart full of pain. And he is sad. This work emphasizes the theme of masks and how we hide our true feelings behind a facade of happiness, just like a clown. The painting itself can be described as a complex combination of colors and geometric shapes that depict the image of a clown with exaggerated features. The clown's face is partially covered by a large, colorful mask, which appears to be cracking and peeling at the edges, revealing the sadness and pain beneath. This painting depicts the duality of human existence, where we present a face to the world while hiding our true selves behind a mask. Using cubism and mixed media techniques, this painting shows the jigsaw-like, multi-layered nature of our identities, and how our true selves can be hard to discover. The material used in the physical artwork is 50 x 70, cardboard, fluorescent and metallic acrylic paint, marker.