Launched: April 12 2023

CollectorLabs PiNFT


CollectorLabs enables you to own a fraction of a rare object, for a fraction of its value.

Transforming “I’ll-never-afford-that” objects...
...Into instantly affordable artefacts within your grasp.


12/04/23 our PiNFT launch series goes live on OpenSea, PiNFTs are NFTs where every NFT represents a fractional share in an actual rare collectible Physical Item, our launch item is an historic piece of Pop Music and was actually worn on Stage by Madonna in her 1987 'Whos that girl' Tour, theres only one of these and there are only 300 PiNFTs, and 75 are sold in presale, so only 225 available for the public launch.  

Every PiNFT comes with unlockable content which contains certificates of Authenticity & Ownership plus a unique provenance document.

This is series one, we have many many more ongoing rare collectible items that we will be launching, each representing a part of our planets history. 

The whole value of the launch item is currently $30k USD, there will be a total of 300 PiNFTs for sale at $100 USDC each on OpenSea on the polygon blockchain.

Fractionalised PiNFTs give everyone globally the oppourtunity to own a part of something that they might not normally be able to afford.  they are also valued against the item itself so are not affected by volatililty in crypto markets.

More info and our white paper and litepaper are available in our Discord group, from our Twitter page or from our website (new site live soon!).

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