Launched: February 22 2023

Classical Now


“2,000 years separates us from our Greco-Roman roots. With respect to Time outside the human-scale lifetime, 2,000 years is ultimately negligible. Questions concerning the past, myths, and epics are merely metaphors for the great concerns of human existence. I strive to bring all this to the fore to let us better understand our world.” — Léo Caillard


The relics of bygone eras we see in ancient statuary and art — things like swords, discuses, and tritons — were once as contemporary and quotidian as the iPhone on a selfie stick.  
Léo Caillard plays with this perception of timelessness by creating works that will, a millennium hence, seem as quaint to that generation as ancient Greco-Roman accoutrements do to us now, while also remaining as timeless as Homer’s Odyssey — fixed in an era and yet clearly relevant to all generations.