Launched: February 08 2023

Chubby Huefowls Mint


Chubby Huefowls is the Najas Nation honorary collection. A Free Mint for early birds.


Chubby Huefowls are GPT-souled. This means they talk using Openai GPT. A new message will be displayed every day, depending on the nature of the bird, some events and your wallet content!

Why should you mint a Chubby Huefowl?

  • they're fun and somehow quite innovative
  • they'll give access to the Najas unclaimed bots (alpha listing bots)
  • they'll give an unfair advantage for the Najas mint
  • they're free to mint and low supply (onyl 137)

Huefowls are an endemic species of the Hueverse that look like chubby peafowls. The Najas adopted them as pets because of their various and interesting personalities. Funnily enough, they're hexagon shaped when they do the cartwheel which would favor their social relationship.