Launched: December 25 2022, 14:00 UTC

Capy Magi


Enjoy an exciting gaming experience, a healthy economy and decentralization with CapyMagi. Other Play-to-Earn games have big problems with centralization and provide terrible user experience(such as high gas fees, big amount of transactions and etc.). CapyMagi solves these problems with ZK Rollup technologies.


Why should I participate in the Free Mint?

CapyMagi Free NFT is not just a simple NFT. This ticket proofs your early participation in the CapyMagi ecosystem! For NFT holders there will be more giveaways. This is a reward for being with us from the beginning! Owning the CapyMagi NFT will give you a chance to play the game first. You may be ranted an early-access and be rewarded for that. This is not a complete list of bonuses for the first drop’s NFTs!
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#WhiteList Free Mint Date: 24.12.22 14:00 UTC$ 
#Public Free Mint Date: 25.12.22 14:00 UTC$ 
#Supply: 999 NFT$ 
#Mint Price: Free