Launched: February 08 2023

Canto a Eliza


Collection by Carlos, Ana, Aissa and Riogerz

Welcome to Canto a Eliza, the NFT art collection that commemorates the apparition of the first conversational bot program Eliza created by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966, known as the earliest and pioneer software that explores the idea of learning machine and artificial intelligence.


Amparuche team decided to make a curated collection as a tribute to this technology. The collection came from a collaborative experience between the members using the AI as a tool imbricated within the creative process from each artist. Our method is based on the intervention of both: manual creation process and generative algorithms to create art, each NFT is the result of a previous intervention from an initial artwork until finished with the interpretation from an AI software program previously trained. Our goal is to show that AI technology, algorithms, and creative software are necessary tools for the development of creative processes inside artist practices.

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