Launched: March 08 2023

Bountykinds Sale


Brought to inception by a team of players who sees that there is room for improvement with the current state of Play-to-Earn blockchain gaming, BountyKinds will be a completely Free-to-Play game built on the premise of building a Developer-Player DAO.


A game where gamers can play the games that they want, and more importantly, play games that gamers would have fun playing. A game where everyone who enjoys gaming could help build the world itself; may it be player, investor or developer - that is what BountyKinds is all about.

For our Public Sale, we will include the Ultimate Starter Kit which includes everything you will need to start joining our Alpha test come March! It contains character NFTs, weapon NFTs, 10 Forbidden Fruit Energy, and your own Alpha Ticket! Join our other giveaway events which we will be holding on Twitter and Discord so catch up with us there!

NFT Distribution:

  1. Ultimate Starter Kit (inclusive of NFT gachas, Forbidden Fruit Energy Token, and the Alpha Ticket) x3513
  2. Weapon Set - Blue x513
  3. Weapon Set - Yellow x413
  4. Weapon Set - Green x313
  5. Character Pack x313