Launched: October 06 2022

Booby Birds


Booby Birds is a female-led NFT project (which makes sense, let's be honest), with a definitive vision of creating something fun and meaningful for WEB3. Using the connectivity of NFT technology, we ant to work towards a shared vision: one that has global implications.


Our visions is to promote female excellence.We think it's important to flaunt what makes women unique. It isn't all about the boobs, bet we're using it as a catalyst to change the world.

Another target of ours is to bring the world together. Female empowerment should be group effort. We want equality. We are going to build women up. We are going to support them in every way.

We're not going to promise you the world. But we are promising that we will try to make this world a better place to live in both physically and digitally"

Our utilities have been designed to line up with our vision and values.

Here's just a few:

10% of mint funds will go to charities that help woman across the globe across all fields of female endeavor -25% of mint funds will be going towards acquisition and development of land in the metaverse. We plan on building a virtual theme park called Booby World.

Holders get lifetime access to a central hub to be a part of future decisions. This doesn't even scrape the surface...