Launched: March 15 2023

Black Sails


Black Sails Game is a massive multiplayer economic game about Pirates based on the innovative trends in the field of GameFi cryptocurrency technologies which has the Play-to-Earn business model.


We successfully managed to combine NFT collections with game mechanics which resulted in the creation of Black Sails Games. In our game, you not only own a unique NFT collection in the form of 3D models, but with the help of these NFT tokens, you can earn additional income by participating in an entertaining game process.


Game Mechanics:

The gameplay is pretty simple, engaging and fun where each player has a real opportunity to earn in many ways. You can create events (mini-games) like Fistfights, Ship duels, Robbery raids, Expedition raids and Island robberies with the help of unique NFTs in the form of 3D models. The real income of the player and the game is also generated from:

- an increase in the cost of NFT in the secondary market due to its uniqueness;

- in-game sales of Buff effects;

- the opportunity to become the owner of the Tavern or Fort and receive your percentage (%) for events;

- become a Recruiter, invite friends and receive your personal promo code for up 10% discount;

- be the owner of your own Black Sails bank and receive income from your own funds or from the funds of other Pirates placed in the DeFi protocols. This can be either staking or placing funds in our LP (liquidity pool). A pirate's income can range from 3% to 24% (APY).


Mint Mechanics:

Our unique collection of NFTs will present 93,324 NFT Pirates. They can participate in fistfights, buy a tavern and create their own guild. Each Pirate has its own base property values.

Total supply: 93,324

Mint date: March 15, 2023

Price: 27 USDT ($27)