A collection of 3,333 unique NFTs developed by a...">
Launched: February 28 2023

Big Boss Gang


A collection of 3,333 unique NFTs developed by a team of experts. Our goal is to bring value to collectors, investors, and the community by offering a range of utilities and features.


  • We designed a token to enhance the user experience and provide new opportunities for creators and collectors alike. With its unique properties and features, it's sure to become a must-have for any NFT enthusiast.
  • We're also in the middle of creating a trading markets for our token, allowing users to trade it using SOL, USDT, and USDC on various decentralized exchanges on Solana blockchain.
  • One key utility is our big eCommerce platform where collectors and investors can easily buy, sell and trade a wide range of physical and digital products by paying with our token $BBG. This platform is designed to be user-friendly and secure, ensuring that transactions are smooth and trustworthy.
  • In addition, we are developing a platform for the DAO, which allows community members to have a say in the direction and decision-making of the project.
  • We also offer a cloud web hosting platform for those who want to host their own websites or online stores and pay for that with our token $BBG. This platform is fast, reliable, and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone looking to showcase their NFT collection online.
  • Another utility we offer is a staking platform, which allows users to earn rewards by holding onto their NFTs for a specific period of time. This is a great way for collectors to not only hold their NFTs but also earn passive income.
  • We have also a print-on-demand feature that allows users to order physical products printed with copies of their favorite NFTs. These prints are of high quality and make for a great way to display and enjoy our NFT collection offline.

Overall, our project is designed to bring value to the NFT community by offering a wide range of utilities and features that cater to collectors, investors, and enthusiasts alike.