Launched: September 09 2022, 22:00 UTC

Bad Gallery and Meta Kito


Bad Gallery and Meta Kito
We're the Bad Gallery, Punks in the art world! We will show you the naked truth of the modern nft market. Does it rile you up?


Where is the beginning, and where is the end? Are we in the loop? Or are we stuck?
You never know. And damn, who cares?

Digital art and music are the answer.
The new collab Bad Gallery x DJ and producer Kito Jempere makes a new reality. Nostalgic aesthetic visual by Bad Gallery mixes with the latest exclusive DJ Kito Jempere track reminiscent of the polyphony of arcade game machines.

Back to basic.
Just in case, imagine that you can use your VHS like digital art. I bet most of you didn't touch VHS since childhood, or some don't even know what this is.

The main idea of the project is hidden inside the video like an Easter egg, VHS cassette, which connects the digital and the real world. The video art and the musical track were recorded on this VHS. The owner of this NFT gets an opportunity to own the tokenized idea physically.
Through our new NFT, you can create a new round in this endless loop of meanings. No matter which gadget you use, digital or analogue, you can continue this chain of the infinite cycle.

Don't try to find the answer, just stay here.
Create your art through VHS, listen to music, and have fun with a high percussive journey!