Launched: September 20 2020, 16:35 UTC

Baby MetaZilla World


BMZW is a collection of 7.000 Baby Zilla NFTs, uniques digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Baby MetaZilla is unique and randomly generated from 100 traits, headwear, expression, objects, eyeglasses and more. Some Zilla are rare than others, but they are all lovely. They are created as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS.


Baby MetaZilla first appears in Metaverse in Aphrodia's home as an egg. The strange egg displays psychic properties, even imprinting itself upon Aphrodia before finally hatching to reveal an infant Godzillasaurus. Aphrodia looks after him as a child.

Baby MetaZilla is very docile, playful, mischievous and gentle toward human beings. He's very territorial and he considers the entire planet Earth as his territory. He loves the balance of nature and he understands that balance is in really danger. He absolutely wants balance to be uphold.

Although the creature is only about few months old displays the ability to fire a weak energy beam absorbing pollution and radiation. But at the moment its powers are too weak. He had to increase them. The Baby had make progress and prepare himself for future threats on earth: an asteroid named Boyakki and charge of aliens approacing earth so he had to store enough power to destroy them. He will fight any and all intruders that step on his territory for damaging it. He soon ventures out, around the world. Now it's the moment to start...