Launched: February 27 2024


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Arabian Horse is a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on ETH Blockchain.


Welcome to the Arabian Horse NFT Collection, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs residing on the Ethereum blockchain. The Collection has 169 unique attributes, ensuring that each NFT in the collection is a unique piece of art. Each masterpiece of digital art tells the story of the grace and beauty of the Arabian horse, celebrating the timeless beauty of this magnificent horse. Horse Branch aims to sleep the beauty of this creation will not only reflect but will encourage the interested individuals who appreciate it the fusion of art.

Minting your own Arabian horse NFT isn’t just an acquisition; It’s a gateway to an exclusive community that shares the same love for art, horses and blockchain’s endless possibilities. The collection seeks to bring together like-minded enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of digital ownership and artistic expression. The Collection invites you to be part of a vibrant community where passion meets innovation and find your place at in this digital horse ride, as we explore the art blockchain. And let’s redefine the crossroads of technology.