After a decade in tradition...">
Launched: February 17 2023

Another Life Music PFP NFT Collection by Violetta Zironi


After a decade in traditional music and entertainment areas, Violetta Zironi entered the NFT world about a year ago. Her initial collection dubbed Moonshot has brought the creator to the top. Thus, the reputable media Billboard named Violetta as one of the biggest music NFT artists. Moreover, she was nominated for Best Music NFT at NFTNYC. With such skyrocketing success, Violetta is continuing her music NFT foray, becoming the first-ever female artist to drop a music PFP NFT collection entitled Another Life. Through the new larger series, Zironi keeps revolutionizing the music industry, sealing her album forever on the blockchain. 


Another Life is actually an NFT album, which consists of five original songs by Violetta recorded on tapes utilizing the technology of the 1950s. The album was later split around 5,200 digital tokens paired with exclusive PFPs that make part of the upcoming collection. The visuals for the drop were inspired by Zironi and processed by the Italian artist of Disney, Arianna Rean. The collection comes with different frames, such as Silver, Ruby, and Gold, which influence the utility for NFT holders.

With strong skills in community building and a love for music and art, this generative PFP collection allows users to experience music in a new way by choosing the artwork that perfectly resonates with the songs and the collector's personal vibes. Another Life brings the music listening to a much deeper level of storytelling, alongside providing the NFT holders with a whole bunch of perks.

Opposed to traditional music consumption, music NFTs offer fans to share part of the artist's income from streams and downloads, as well as get access to unmatched experiences, rewards, and in Violetta's case, actively be part of the artistic journey.

According to OpenSea, by holding an Another Life music PFP NFT, the minter gets the following boons:

  • Access to weekly token-gated private music shows by Violetta, performed for the community.
  • Those who mint all five songs will be rewarded with free tickets to Violetta’s concerts, alongside a free mint of the Another Life full album NFT.
  • Grabbing a Ruby and Silver frame grants holders 25% and 50% discounts on the Another Life vinyl record, as well as a free Another Life album NFT.
  • Each Gold frame provides holders with lifetime free tickets to shows, a free Another Life vinyl record, a free signed poster, and a free Another Life album NFT.
  • Those who combine a Silver Moonshot and a Silver Another Life NFT are guaranteed to get a free vinyl record, a free poster, and a free Another Life album NFT.
  • Combining a Gold Moonshot and a Gold Another Life provides holders with all the above-mentioned perks, as well as lifetime free tickets to shows and exclusive, personal Zoom concerts for specific holders.
  • Combining the six Another Life frames with the nine Moonshot frames grants you membership in Violetta’s council, with weekly meet-ups. On top of that, such holders will also be granted an opportunity to book Violetta for a free in-person live show.
  • Holding a one-of-one Alien Cat NFT and its combination with the Moonshot alien cat trait provides users in-person access to Violetta’s recording sessions.

With so many benefits coming with the Another Life PFPs, you simply cannot miss out on the drop, scheduled for February 17th for Allowlist members, followed by Public Sale on February 18th. Drop by the OpenSea marketplace and mint yours!