Launched: June 01 2023, 12:00 UTC

Amai Aki


Our journey begins with a collection of 2000 Amai Aki NFTs. This is just a begining of a huge Anime and Manga metaverse for our community in Web3. A metaverse you will discover wirh us through storytelling, following Japanese culture, and taking part in our own company - Amai Aki.
As a part of ecosystem, we have developed the $AMA token. You can earn it by staking Amai Aki NFT. By earning a token, you will be able to purchase Manga, Artbooks, Merch and participate in the Alpha life of the project.


• Paying for the goods in Amai Aki Online Store entirely for $AMA
• Opportunity to contribute in future products and share profits
• Early access for manga, anime and other Amai Aki products
• Exclusive AMA sessions with our artists and writers
• Participation in the social life of the project
• Real life actions for Amai Aki community
Amai Aki Cult

Manga Great holidays
Genre: Sainen
Setting: Moe
Length: 200 pages

Summer, the beach, the sun, and… Cute girls who chose an adventure to the golden beaches of Maizuru. Aki is an ordinary girl who has experienced a pivotal encounter in her destiny. For the entire summer vacation, the protagonist and her friends go on a serene life on Maizuru Beach, where they plunge into a world of endless fun and dizzying events. New acquaintances, first loves, and beachside campfires await you in the upcoming manga Great holidays.

One of the main missions of our team is to create different genres of manga. Our first work is the manga Great holidays. It will be a complete story about the adventure of Aki and her friends. We’ll be covering every stage of the manga’s development on our social media ( Twitter, Discord, Instagram ), as well as announcing the backstories of the main characters.
You can purchase Amai Aki manga as well as future works in our Online Store with a $AMA token. ( Price — TBA )

Anime Amai Aki
Our team believes that for every manga, an anime should be created that can fully capture the spirit and vibe of the beautiful world the writer has created in the manga. Of course, the manga itself is beautiful and carries a deep meaning and unique entourage, so the creation of the anime comes after the writing of the manga itself. The first anime we will create as part of the Amai Aki project is Great holidays. In the future, however, we will develop an anime for each of our manga, after the release of the tome.