Launched: December 15 2022

The 90's Kids NFT Project by Fvckrender and Gab Jetski


A prominent figure in the creative web3 circles Fred Duquette aka Fvckrender and his pal Gab Jetski have been good friends since boyhood. Both can call themselves the kids of the 90's who were strongly into skateboarding. Thus, the two creative minds decided to come up with a nostalgic NFT project dubbed 90's Kids that combines skateboarding culture, the vibes of the 90's, and the bountiful opportunities of blockchain technology.


Thus, Fvckvendr and Jetski developed an idea of a gorgeous brand with unique aesthetics that would focus on the community. The first initiative of the 90's Kids is a 10K-piece collection, featuring full-body cup-themed avatars with over 200 unique traits and accessories. It is dropping via OpenSea on December 15th at a price of 0.05ETH per avatar.

Such mascots as The Coffee cup, VX, Keyset, and Traffic Cone with a specific function will represent the brand. To make them real, Fvckrender and Gabriel Jetski collaborated with the creative agency NIGHTSHIFT as well as with a team of illustrators.

The main idea behind the project goes far beyond the usual collectibility. Thus, the founders aim to sponsor skaters from around the world, providing them with branded merch, decks, NFTs for socials, fully-paid skate trips, and beyond, while they will be promoting the brand to the masses. Further, Fred and Gab plan to fulfill their childhood dreams of building a cutting-edge skatepark to make it an IRL hub for the brand's community.

Moreover, there will be multiple community activities available through the special Skate contest program. As part of the program, the NFT holders will be offered to participate in monthly Skate challenges, while the community will pick the best trick. The winners of monthly challenges will become eligible to win valuable prizes to be announced soon.

The 90's Kids has all the chances to become a big skateboarding web3 brand joining projects like Azuki's Proof of Skate, and multiple web3 collaborations by Tony Hawk.

Embrace the skateboarding vibe, by joining the 90's Kids NFT mint and get a pass to regular sponsoring events, skate contests, artsy atmosphere, and inspiration for new endeavors with a dope web3 brand!