Launched: December 18 2022



What could be more valuable than knowledge? Only NFT with knowledge!

NEUROMAP is the smart NFT collection of mindmaps generated by Synapse AI.

It contains 10,000 NFT objects on topics from Snoop Dog to the periodic table.


Each object has a unique definition with relevant satellites. There can be from 15 to 50 of them.

With random minting, you can get popular or obscure words and topics. All NEUROMAP items have their own "Power" rating based on the repeatability of definitions and satellites. The more popular the topic, the more valuable NFT is.

NEUROMAP holders will get access to the Synapse AI to create NFT with their own definitions and satellites.

With NEUROMAP 2.0 you can tell everyone about your business, specialty or hobby in one NFT.

Attach your contact information to NEUROMAP 2.0 and get into a NEURO network.

You can find and contact NFT owners of different topics using a filter on Opensea.

Now it's easy to meet and connect with interesting and necessary people based on their NFTs.