The WildPass by Wildcard

Launched: April 18 2023

Wildcard Genesis WildPass


The WildPass by Wildcard


Wildcard’s Genesis Mint kicks off the highly-anticipated first Web3 asset in the Wildcard Universe: The WildPass.

The WildPass is the ticket to enter the Wildcard Universe, where a complex story featuring arch-enemies fighting in epic battles, heroes, and plenty of drama unfolds. Wildcard is more than a game; it’s a community that exists for the love of the game.

About the Collection

Wildcard’s Genesis Mint launches on April 20 on Magic Eden’s LaunchPad. The mint will consist of 4,444 WildPasses on the Polygon blockchain network, providing the most exclusive opportunities and access to the Wildcard Universe.

The WildPass grants holders access to the Wildcard Web3 ecosystem and exclusive offerings including an upcoming free airdrop of their first pack of Wildcard Trading Cards.

Opportunities for remaining Collectors spots are limited but still available and will be announced on Wildcard’s Discord and Twitter channels.

Wildcard’s goal is to build an incredibly fun game by leveraging Web3 technology to create a living, breathing, competitive ecosystem that includes players, creators, owners, collectors, and fans. Wildcard has curated a highly-interactive community with a growing Discord channel of 35,000 members. With that level of engagement for a game that hasn’t even been released to the public yet, it seems Wildcard is well on its way to achieving its goal.

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