Launched: December 28 2021



The Vitruvian Apes are Hand Drawn, Digitally Painted, Computer Generated and Proportionally Perfect.
They are a Unique NFT Project with a Scientific and Mathematical Approach and only 16,180 (one of one) will ever be created.
A Rarity Index (700+ unique traits) has been generated and will be revealed on the reveal date.
Everything has been meticulously prepared to the finest detail!
This NFT Project is backed by a story, read it on our site!


By owning a Vitruvian Ape (or more) you join a Community driven project
VOTES ON THE FUTURE of VitruvianApes.Club
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Let’s write the Future of the VitruvianApes.Club TOGETHER..
Could we be the ELITE Apes amongst all the other “Apes” in the Metaverse?
3D Vitruvian Apes?
VitruvianApes.Club with % Returns?
Exclusive Merchandise?
VitruvianApes.Club the game?
Drop your ideas..

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The Year 16,180 was the moment when man stopped being man and became more..
Man looked outside, further and further. Man looked beyond the limits of our solar system, beyond the limits of our galaxy and even the galactic cluster. Man looked also deeper inside himself and inside the things that surrounded him, inside the fabric of matter itself. What he found was a symmetry of the structures spiraling out and the structures spiraling in. Man noticed a frequency in everything that is alive and growing. Non-linear, self-repeating structures. The frequency of a fractal.
From the first architect Vitruvius, to mathematicians like Fibonacci, to the engineers of the mechanical revolution and to the builders of the thinking sands that were called the computers, they all learned about the Phi. However….
…they never understood the true nature and meaning of this until thousands of years later, when our ancestors dared to look deeper into the very fabric upon which the known universe is built. They realized that the within and the without, the outside and the inside are boundless and in its chaos the universe is in perfect order.

Man looked within himself as deep as his faculties allowed him and as far outside as his tools allowed to. When he reached his limits he could not accept it. The fractal structure of all that he looked into led to the realization that not only matter is spiraling into a chaotic uniformity but time as well.
Time and time again he perceived the circular motions, of the celestial objects, of life and death, of history repeating. It was only natural to use the pi and combine it with the phi. Phi was long known as a function of Pi and the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Fibonacci series. The discovery of the perfect ratio was the discovery of the perfect mixture of what man was before and what he had to become.

Ancient knowledge lays in the genes of our ancestors, our predecessors. If time and space were boundless in both directions, so was knowledge and the abilities that were to be found in the ape.
The evolution of the mind was followed by an evolution of the body. An evolution in both directions that was perfected in the year 16180, when Da Vinci’s lost Blueprint was discovered and the first Vitruvian Ape was Minted.

The evolution of the self revealed that the notion of being a separate being had to be overcome. The universe without and within were discovered to be one. Naturally the man, the ape and all that is, was and ever will be is ONE.
The next step was easy. Oneness with himself and all that surrounded the ape-man allowed him to see clearly that he could travel to any point in the universe because in a way you could say he was already there.
Once the secrets of the Golden Ratio were unlocked, nothing was impossible…