Launched: February 27 2023

The VIP tractors


The Vip Tractors is manufactured and designed by a farmer. It is made and designed to bring the rural world closer to everyone. Various scenes are depicted that we can easily find in our day-to-day life, whether you live in the big city or in the village. You can go to see other ready-made collections, which remind a lot of machinery that is used in the rural world. Support agriculture as it is one of the most important sectors! In addition, they are needed every day. It will go on sale on February 27th and its starting price will be 0.01 ETH.


It's a good business opportunity so you can increase your profits, don't think about it anymore and mark this day in your calendar!!

The collection will consist of 80 different models, with completely different designs. Once these 80 items are sold, the next step is to sell 80 more and so on until you reach a maximum of 2000 items.

For more information follow instagram/twitter! You can now enter the social networks to consult the existing collections. And to find information about the new collection

This is not a Crypto punk or a boring ape, this is a "Farmer Uses Paint" collection