Launched: February 20 2023

The Squares: Square Pieces


Connecting Web2 Design Market Stores Into Web3 Through Merchandise To Empower It's Community On The #Solana Blockchain. WE ALL GONNA MERCH IT! ?


The Squares is a NFT project on the Solana Blockchain based on Squares that aim to bring people from all corners of the world, together. Our motto says: ''We use squares not to go around in circles''. The Squares always seek to stand out with new and useful things.

So, we are always open to original and suitable ideas from our Community which can help improve the Project. We will have multiple collections, first will be Square Pieces (4040), then The Squares main collection (4040).

Our main utility will be merch, The Squares wants to be one of the most successful fashion brands NFT collection. What will be different than other projects is that we already have our own factory and we will soon be able to produce customized merch for every project interested (revenue sharing baby) for the best prices, quality, and delivery time in the space.

Also, Program 101 (Laboratory 101) will be a game changer in our opinion, because it will give us the chance to get in touch with one of the best NFT projects making really interesting marketing campaigns and giving more value for both projects. Come take a look!

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