Launched: June 22 2022

Synthetic Robots Gen Zero


Synthetic Robots is a collection of 9,999 4k 3d badass robots living in the Solana network.


Synthetic Robots is a collection of 9,999 NFT 4k 3d badass robots - Launching on Solana & Future integration with ETH2.0

Currently launching the first 333 NFT called Gen Zero, which will give you VIP Access to our NFT Community and the best long term benefits. This frist drop is the best opportunity to get whitelist and mint at the lowest price of all collections of ParadoxNeon®️Club.

Mint Price: 150$ in SOL

Some of the benefits are:
· "Vip" & "Club member" lifetime role.
· Private channel access to chat directly with the team.
· Exclusive airdrops and giveaways only for "VIPs"
· Reward % of our total sales royalties.

Hint: Gen Zero are the key to obtaining a unique NFT.

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