Launched: January 19 2022

SQUIDS - Squid Game NFT


Welcome to SQUIDS - Squid Game NFT

Squids is a collection of only 1000 unique NFTs, inspired by the Netflix show Squid Game.
There will be additional ways to earn money and value for your NFTs.

Minting Rewards: Each time a person mints a SQUIDS NFT, 10% of the price will go to a random person that has previously minted a SQUIDS NFT. More SQUIDS you own, the bigger is the chance you'll get the reward!

Support Blockchain Development: We are Taurus Collective and we have big plans for Crypto space!


Our goal is to make Crypto Bigger and Better, and we haven’t even started!

Money earned from SQUIDS will support us in the development of next projects.

ADDITIONAL VALUE: Rest assured that we will not forget your passion and support for this project. Owning SQUIDS will provide you additional Value in our upcoming projects, such as unlocking extra features.

We suggest you check our Website for more information and follow us on our social media accounts!

GIVEAWAYS are going to be done after the official launch to ensure FAIR LAUNCH. Stay tuned on our social media accounts for further information.

NFTs are a ERC721 standard contract on Avalanche, GAS FEES are almost NON-EXISTENT, compared to other Blockchains like Ethereum.

We are going to start with a FAIR LAUNCH on 19.1.2022. Starting price is the same for everyone: 0.5 AVAX

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