Launched: April 22 2022

Royal Cartouche


The Royal Cartouche, is a real text NFTs collection of 10K NFTs


10.000 Real text NFTs cartouche are carrying the names of ancient Egyptian queens and kings. a unique digital collectibles giving a membership card granted to members-only redeeming NFTs in game, a true assets ownership in Kemetsa’s community allowing members for future projects voting.

Future projects can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

Our vision is to bring more royalty to the world. The Kemetsa is going to imitate 10,000 Cartouche in metaverse, 5000 King's NFT and 5000 queen's NFT.

The exclusive collection of 10,000 cartouche are stored as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on Opensea.

Each cartouche is unique and comes with a membership to the Royal Club. Each cartouche is inscribed a real text for the ancient Egyptian name of a queen or a king.

1000 rare Cartouche, 500 are carrying the name of the Egyptian king Thutmose III and the rest are carrying the name of queen Hatshepsut.

100 Super Rare NFTs are carrying the King Tutankhamun's name and face. Be royal and mint your Cartouche!