Launched: June 12 2022

Prime Wolf


Project stands out from others by offering to claim free $SHEEP tokens by holding NFT daily. Moreover, holders have a chance to burn tokens in order to get a mystery box - something never seen before! We are Web3 powered and looking to expand into the Metaverse with amazing features, games and prizes.


We are the wolves of web3, we are the PrimeWolves howling on Ethereum blockhain.

Hold two PrimeWolf NFTs in your wallet and burn 600 $SHEEP to get a mystery chest. What's in the chest: a free NFT? More $SHEEP? Merchandise? You will find out soon enough!

Physically, the PrimeWolf's design was largely inspired by the human pop culture such as Star Wars, Pokemon, or superheroes, and every PrimeWolf had its attributes - almost 250 accessories were listed.

But we could also see some similar characteristics such as gazing eyes, sharp teeth, long tongues, a peculiar appeal to the moon, and a powerful 6th sense. But the physical traits weren't the only ones they had borrowed from humans. There were also behavioral similarities, like a strong sense of loyalty

An unusual activity was noticed in a part of the Metaverse. Some newspapers announced that wolves-looking-like creatures were completely independent in the virtual world. Feelings about them were divided, as some were amazed by that new form of life, and some were skeptical about the full self-sufficiency of the clan.

"A single wolf is vulnerable, while a wolf in a pack is invincible." This is why these humanized wolves are an inside-the-Metaverse decentralized society.

This means the PrimeWolf society is led by the community itself, through a voting process, and its own economic system, powered by the $SHEEP.

It goes further: being part of the PrimeWolf movement offers the ability to claim 10 $SHEEP per day. By burning a certain amount of $SHEEP, members are allowed to customize their PrimeWolf, vote in the decentralized voting system, access the brand's shop and many other things yet to be revealed

Our $SHEEP token is the core of the PrimeWolf universe. Since the beginning, PrimeWolf's mission has been to go beyond PFP or simple avatars. But a PrimeWolf remains a wolf, and wolves hunt sheeps every day