Launched: March 08 2022

Pollo Army by Patrekes


A unique non-procedured 2000+ designs

Art, Story & Metaverse merged onto 1 piece of art.


SOLDIER! We are now dropping 2000+ Pollo NFTs on ETH

Unique non-procedured designs, you and only you will have your own properties, remember, Rome wasn´t built in 1 day, BUT WE WILL CONQUER.

This project is made by 2 architects doing some art on their free time, you can ensure the details are secured, thats why our first drop will be limited to 2000 NFT. We have already set our roadmap to be more than 8000 NFT alongside with their story, Which army will be the first? Germany? US? Japan? France? Stay tuned for more information!
Our is live:

Secure your WL spot and recruit your troops!

We will be running Raffles, Giveaways and more so you can appreciate our designs.

Later on we will launch PolloWars, a play-to-earn platform where you can use your army for glory and prizes!

Minting Price Starting from .05 for WL

Estimated Minting date: March

Looking for a CryptoPunk or BoredApe? Nonsense! These Pollos will conquer the metaverse!

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