Launched: August 01 2022

Pixelated Apes


10,001 Pixelated Apes living on the Ethereum blockchain | The new standard of incorporating both web2 and web3 utility to holders.


The Pixelated Apes NFT collection is designed to become the next biggest collectible NFT that simulates the most reputable and sought after collectibles in NFT space,

10,000 + 1 collective NFT collection

Pixelated Apes is a collection that is building web3 products and creating a close knit, exclusive community where all holders will have access to a utility packed discord group, as well as revealing some incredible surprises including some massive web2 collaborations that never been done before in the space.

The Pixelated Apes are going to offer holders special benefits ranging from real life events and discounts, all the way to web3 synchronization on a multitude of different dynamics

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