Launched: February 27 2023



NinCat is the cutest yet dangerous colony of 1001 NFT ninja cats, randomly generated by AI and hand minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. NinCat is the basis of a project that intertwines future projects and whose purpose is to give added value to the owners of a NinCat.


The buyer of a NinCat will automatically participate in several surprise events, with prizes in NFT and ETH whose winners will be announced on the Website, collect them and look for the most powerful or the wisest...? The NinCat colony is made up of five tribes, the golden, silver, bamboo, black and white tribes, each tribe has ten powerful warriors who give their tribe its name, find out why? and the mission of these warriors is to guide and protect each member of their tribe, meanwhile, the wisdom of the Nincat comes from the elders, there are two in each tribe and there is also an old Emperor of the NinCat Colony, but usually not visible...