Launched: June 27 2022



A community of NFT Degens, for Degens, by Degens.

Community first.

Light v1 roadmap of which the only goal is to gain entry to the BAYC! After which community will decide the way forward.


Hand-drawn art with over 170 unique traits makes up this collection of Degens. 10,000 of these Nfty Degens will be exploring the Opensea (and Ethereum blockchain) in search of a new Yacht Club.

The aim of this project is to be, accessible via a low mint cost and community-driven with input from the holders as to the future of the project post roadmap v1.

What is roadmap v1.0 a.k.a Road To the Yacht Club (RTYC)? Proceeds from the mint will be used to purchase a Blue Chip, Bored Ape Yacht Club and held in the community wallet. Therefore, each Nfty Degen NFT will be a fractionalised stake in that Blue Chip Asset.

Nothing fancy, no overhyped promises, just RTYC - of now!

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