Launched: May 15 2022

Moonwalkers NFT


Moonwalkers is a collection of 8.888 unique collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain, created by world renowned 3D artist Liam Pannier. Our vision is to create a community of like-minded people where value is shared and where opportunities are endless.

Pre-sale price: 0.08ETH
Public price: 0.1ETH


We are the Moonwalkers.

We are the children of the new web 3 era.
The children of that new world. A world connected like it has never been before.
For us, the world belongs to those who dare to believe.
Believe in progress, creativity and positive change.
We are the change-makers, risk-takers and believers, who fear nothing but time.
The ones who fuck luck. The ones who work their ass off to build their dreams.
Let’s dream of a better, brighter world filled with endless opportunities.
Onboard a community of like-minded pioneers from all around the world.
Be bold, dare with the Moonwalkers