Launched: September 18 2022

Merge Apes


MergeApes are minted! The Ethereum Network switches from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, lowering Ethereum's power consumption by 99% and making NFTs climate-friendly.


42.0% of all mint fees and secondary sales royalties collected in perpetuity will go to public goods funding for open source projects in and around the Ethereum community through Gitcoin Grants. The MergeApes community will vote on which public goods projects to support. The remainder of funds will be used for development, marketing, news, education, and drops that align with the Ethereum ethos and web3 values.

The Verge
Implementation of Verkle Trees, which are much more efficient in proof sizes than standard Merkle Trees. This will make stateless clients finally viable in practice.

The Purge
Eliminating historical data and technical debt that is bogging down the Ethereum network, allowing it to achieve the goal of becoming the one truly accessible world computer

The Splurge
Miscellaneous but important extras; nice-to-haves that make the Ethereum blockchain more efficient, more usable, and more of a completed product