Launched: September 01 2022

MContent's Beirut After the Blast


This NFT collection has 961 minted which is significant to the country code of Lebanon.

This project features Lebanese artists such as Amrita Sethi, Ahmad Itani, Zein Ali Ahmad, Noor Tabet, Foad Hamzeh, Abdel Sattar Dilaty, Aisha Sayah, Grace Hasrouny, Sally Maroun, and Nour Khoury. All proceeds go directly to NGO to help those who need it most.


This charity based NFT drop coincides with MContent's film premier of Beirut After the Blast. The documentary made about the biggest non-nuclear explosion in history that happened in 2020 in Beirut.

This NFT drop features famous Lebanese artists as well as MContent in house artists. The drop is 961 pieces, which is significant for the country code of Lebanon.

All proceeds go directly to a trusted NGO for charity, to support those who need the most help recovering from this tragedy.